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Agua segura e higiene bucal cambian vidas en la aldea de Tzucac

enero 26, 2022

El Cantón Tzucac, en el municipio de Santa Cruz del Quiché, departamento de Quiché, Guatemala, queda aproximadamente a unos 31 kilómetros del área urbana. De esa trayectoria, es necesario recorrer unos 12 kilómetros sobre terracería, entre tierra y hierba para poder alcanzar la escuela cantonal. En ella se atienden a 83 niñas y niños de…

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A Bold Leader Can Change Everything

diciembre 16, 2019

At first glance, petite Santana might not look strong and outspoken, but she is. She might not look like a skilled technician who can repair her local water system, but she can. Despite her small stature, her neighbors would probably use the word “bold’ to describe her.

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Making Hygiene Fun

agosto 5, 2019

The community of Pachoj in Guatemala is 15 miles from the nearest town and challenging to get to – in the rainy season the trek to this tiny town can include more than a mile of walking along muddy roads that often become unpassable for cars. Because access to the town is so difficult, Pachoj lacks basic services like drinking water, sanitation, and electricity.

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Luci Fights for the Future

octubre 4, 2018

What do you do when the school where you’ve devoted your entire life has its source of water cut off, and your students are left to fend for themselves?

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